Complete user account transition from password to federated login

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    After registering the IdP, each existing password user has to sign in once to complete the transition for their account.

    The 1st time an existing password user tries to sign in after an identity provider has been registered for that domain, they have to complete a set of transitional steps from signing in with a password to signing in with the customer's IdP.


    First sign-in with Microsoft or Google

    1. The user must sign in with the old SuperOffice password to prove their identity.



    2. The user is prompted to sign in using the identity provider.

    3. The user gives consent to sign in with the identity provider and authenticates. Does the user's browser have an active session from the identity provider?

      • If no – the user must sign in to the selected IdP account
      • If yes – the user continues with the selected IdP account
    4. The user is signed in and redirected to the SuperOffice CRM Online tenant.

    This completes the transition of the user account.