Restart synchronization

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    If you suspect Azure AD and SuperOffice are out of sync, you might need to restart the synchronization.

    If you need to start synchronization from scratch, it should be done on both sides!
    Restarting only 1 side will lead to inconsistent data. Azure AD has no knowledge of what you do to the synchronized user list.

    In the SuperOffice Identity Manager

    1. Go to the Configuration screen.

    2. Click the trashcan icon in the SCIM Users pane to clear all synchronized items from the database.

      Reset scim sync in SuperOffice tool
    3. After the Azure AD cycle has completed and you see that the SCIM Users pane has been repopulated, click Save to restore your SCIM rules.

    In Azure AD provisioning configuration

    1. Select Clear current state and start resynchronization and then click Save.

      Reset SCIM sync in AAD

      The Current Status changes to Initial cycle not run. scim user sync started

    2. Refresh the Current Status, and when it changes to Initial cycle completed, verify that the SuperOffice Identity Manager has received the expected users and groups.

      scim aad initial cycle not run