Guide to initial SCIM configuration

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    This guide will take you briefly through the steps to set up automatic user provisioning from Azure AD and map these users to accounts in SuperOffice CRM Online.



    • Two different browsers to set up both the SuperOffice and Azure clients at the same time. Referred to here as browser-SO and browser-AD respectively.

    • A SuperOffice admin account linked to an Azure AD account (AAD admin not required).

    • An Azure AD admin account.

    • Access to Azure AD with permissions to create an enterprise application of type non-gallery application.

      • You need Azure Active Directory Premium (P1 or P2) to support it.


    1. Register Azure AD as the identity provider for your domain on this tenant.

    2. In browser-SO, sign in to SuperOffice Identity Manager.

    3. In browser-AD, sign in to Azure AD and create an enterprise application.

    4. In browser-SO, define the mapping between Azure AD and SuperOffice by creating SCIM rules.

    5. Preview sync and then sync users to SuperOffice.

    6. When everything works as expected, enable automatic sync.