The Identity Management Gateway

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    A rules wizard where the administrator can configure rules for how Azure AD users shall be configured in SuperOffice.

    The Identity Manager Gateway is a SCIM connector between Azure AD and SuperOffice CRM Online. The user interface aka the SCIM configuration tool is simply called the Identity Manager.


    SCIM flow

    User interface

    The Identity Manager is a clean, web-based user interface for SCIM identity management. It has 2 tabs: configurations and preview.

    Configurations tab

    • User Sync Rules pane - the rules wizard

    • SCIM users pane - a list of users that can be synchronized

    • Preview pane - details for the currently selected user

    SCIM UI configurations tab

    Preview tab

    • Number of available Azure AD users

    • Number of users synchronized to SuperOffice

    • Name and username of each Azure AD user and the access-control related settings that will be applied to each of them given the current ruleset

    SCIM UI preview tab

    Other settings

    • User Sync Active (on/off)

    • Send Welcome Email (on/off)

    • Notifications Email for critical errors (email address)


    To access the Identity Manager, you will need:

    • Tenant configured with SuperID - register to get a developer account in SOD

    • A SuperOffice admin account for that tenant linked to an Azure AD account (AAD admin not required)