Known challenges with SuperID

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    We currently see some challenges where users are unable to sign in after migrating the tenant to SuperID.

    Multiple usernames


    A user might have multiple email addresses on their person record. Only 1 of these will become the new SuperID username. Sometimes migration picks the wrong email address.


    The admin can fix this by editing the Username field in the Admin client.

    Issues related to multiple associate records pointing to new/old username apply (see next scenario).

    Users with multiple associate records in the same tenant


    A person might have multiple associate records in the customer database. We observe that often only 1 of these has a valid license.

    If the primary tenant does not have a license and you change the username, the user can no longer sign in.


    Must be resolved manually by R&D services or Operations.

    We are working on a stricter naming scheme to prevent this problem: In the future, it will not be permitted to create multiple users with identical usernames in the Admin client. Renaming a username also held by another user will create a new SuperID user.

    Consultants assisting multiple customers


    Our consultants typically have users in many tenants. For them, the 1st tenant they got a user account in will be their primary tenant. If the customer's admin renames this user, the SuperID username of the consultant is changed and can possibly block all further access.


    When we move SuperOffice One to the cloud, this will become your primary tenant. Until then:

    All consultants should contact R&D services or Operations to set up a test/demo tenant in CRM Online as their primary tenant to prevent being locked out.