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    Upgrade SuperOffice Server

    SuperOffice Customer Relationship Management onsite is scalable, flexible and simple to use. The biggest benefits of this is that you can control the CRM software, in-house.

    Since version 8 – we now require ALL server components needed to be installed in all scenarios.


    To complete a “normal SuperOffice 8 server installation” – you need to install ALL:

    1. CRM Server
    2. NetServer *
    3. CRM.Web
    4. Customer Service
    5. CRM.Win *


    The version number for Customer Service, CRM Web/Win, NetServer and the database must all correspond. When you want to upgrade one of these products, the other products must also be upgraded at the same time. When the database is upgraded, all the products must be upgraded to the appropriate version.

    Note: CRM.web, Customer Service and Pocket CRM can all use a single NetServer or a separate NetServer for each.

    Note: If the customer is to use windows clients locally on one or more computers
    – windows client installation is needed.


    How to upgrade  SuperOffice CRM Server

    Prerequisites and preparations

    You must be running version 7.5 before upgrading to 8.0.
    NOTE! If you have used SuperOffice for a long time and renamed labels inside the product, there is a fix in SuperOffice 7.5 SR1 that will move the labels to the correct new database table. 

    The CRM server must be installed before you install any one of our clients (Win, Web, Service, Pocket), this is where you set up the database and it will also create client setup for using the windows App.

    SuperOffice 8.0 is major sized technical upgrade. This means that:

    • Database will be upgraded (not a rebuild)
    • New version of web services. Note that old version back to Services73 are available
    • Check with your 3.rd party vendor if their modules are 8 ready.
    • All travelers must be in
    • All Satellites must be re-generated after the upgrade.


    Upgrade to 8 with travel/satellites

    All active travel users and satellites MUST come home before you upgrade to 8. ServerSetup will not upgrade if there are active satellites or travel users.

    1. On all satellites – tell travel users to do a homecoming.
    2. On all satellies – write update (up-file) to central
    3. STOP working on the satellite, all changes after this are lost!
    4. Centrally – tell all travel users to do a homecoming.
    5. Centrally – read in all update files from satellites
    6. Perform upgrade to CRM 8 centrally
    7. Set up clients and generate new prototypes
    8. Regenerate all satellites



    These are the recommended steps for upgrading from SuperOffice 7 Web to SuperOffice 8 Web

    1. Make sure all system requirements for all the components are met. See system requirements for SuperOffice 8 Web
    2. Download and unzip the Web installer package on your server. You will find the link to download at the bottom of this page.
    3. Run the Setup.exe 


    Upgrade of standard reports

    When upgrading to 8.0 from 7.5 you can select if you want to upgrade all or just install new standard reports.

    In the screen "Select upgrade of standard reports" you can let the default selection stay, to upgrade all existing standard reports. This will overwrite all existing standard reports and install the new ones. Any edits done to the existing standard reports will disappear. User defined reports will not be touched .

    If you uncheck the checkbox, only new standard reports will be installed, the existing standard reports will remain as they are, so no new layout or features will be available in them. Userdefined reports will not be touched.

    Standard reports can be imported later with the program SoRepImp.exe or StdRepImp.exe (in the folder STDReportFiles on the CD) in the  All or just some reports can then be selected.

    Standard reports can also be imported with DbSetup.exe, there are sections in Sotables.ini for Importing of the new standard reports, and for importing all.


    Download SuperOffice Server
    Download SuperOffice Server
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