Upgrade to SuperOffice 8

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    You may update CRM Pocket clients automatically if you currently run Pocket Server 7.3.1 (or higher). From SuperOffice 8.0 Pocket CRM clients have a Netserver connection only and the Pocket server is obsolete.

    To automatically move users from using Pocket Server to Netserver, you have to manually change a textfile in the Pocket CRM Server installation. 

    Go to the Server.PROPERTIES file in the Pocket server configuration and change it as below

    The default location for this file is: C:\Program Files (x86)\SuperOffice Pocket CRM\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\pocketcrm\WEB-INF\classes\server.properties   

    In the 'server.properties' file the following values have to be added:

    You have to find the servers hostname and the path to the /services80 folder, services depend on which version you are running, see table below

    Which Services end point to use?
    Versions / client Web Service
    9.1 and newer services88 services88
    8.5 R09 - R15 services88 services88
    8.5 R01 - R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R07, R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R01 - R06 services86 services86
    8.3 R02, R03, R04 services86 services86
    8.3 R01 services85 services85
    8.2 services84 services84
    8.1 services84 services84
    8.0 SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6 services82 services82
    8.0, SR1, SR2 services80 services80

    Pocket CRM will automatically pick up the correct Services folder.

    This has to be added to netserverUrl property, example:


    After this you have to restart Tomcat, normally this can be done by restarting PocketCRM in Local services.

    Now when If you navigate to the Pocket configuration screen on your browser, you will see something like below.

    New Entry for Client reconfigure

    Pocket users will then be redirected immediately they restart Pocket application.

    It may be wise to let the Pocket server run for a while to be sure that all users have been "moved".

    For the Pocket user it is possible to verify the redirection by checking Task - Settings - About Pocket CRM.

    Note that server urls must end with the correct ServicesXX folder as described in the above table