Manual steps to install Service

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    From SuperOffice 8.1 both SuperOffice Web and Service must run on the same root domain. It will be easier to create Application Routing Routing rules (ARR) if you do the manual installation and place Service in a sub application.


    Installing SuperOffice Sales web client and Service on the same domain under different applications requires some manual steps for Service. 

    Install Service

    If the IIS web site is not created, first run the installer for Service (SuperOffice.CustomerService.exe) which is the only installer from SuperOffice that will also create the IIS web sites.

    If the web site is created, then you may create the application first, and just point the path to the default location for Customer Service: c:\superoffice

    Run the SuperOffice.CustomerService.exe to install the software on the server, default location is c:\superoffice.

    If you upgrade an existing site, do not tick the Create IIS web site since it will cause the installer to fail. , we will create/update the application manually.

    Either set up a new application under for Service or edit the one you created earlier. Point the physical path to the Customer service\www\doc folder, in this example it would be c:\SuperOffice\Customer Service\www\doc folder


    Below service you also need to add two applications, one for scripts which points to Customer Service\www\scripts folder. Make sure it use the same application pool as the Service application.

    And one application for csplugins pointing to \customer service\www\csplugins

    Make sure Netserver is available first

    You need remote webservices / Netserver installed on the same domain, in this example we have used This is installed by using the web installer to the Sales web client, and in the product configurator tick the "Expose Netserver WebServices" on the Security chapter.

    Browse to to verify before the ejTermSetup.exe is run to prime the database for Service.


    Continue with priming the database for Service

    ejTermSetup.exe is only run for NEW installations

    Now run ejTermSetup found in the Bin folder, when asked for Hostname give the path including the application, which will correctly set the value for database table registry where reg_id = 109 to /service/

    When ejtermsetup later asks for The full HTTP Path to your server (for URL's) then just use the hostname without sub application, like It will in most cases default to the correct URL.

    When asked for the Netserver URL you give the URL for Netserver created on the same domain. Note: Service does not support https connection to Netserver, so only http is allowed.

    From SuperOffice 8.1, all authentication for all clients will be done by the webclient, and after successfully authenicating a sessionkey is stored in browser cookie. This is why Sales and Service must be installed on the same domain. 

    After completing the ejTermSetup you may start up (or.exe) - note that if your screen is completely missing pictures, then it's the reg_id=109 who has a wrong value.

    Verify the database registry and config table values.

    If Service is installed in a sub folder of the domain named service, then

    select * from crm7.registry where reg_id = 109

    should have value /service/


    select cgi_bin, cgi_url, cgi_url_internal from crm7.config