Upgrade Scenario: CS or CS + Windows Client

In this article

    Choose this scenario if you are currently using:
    - SuperOffice 7.5 Server
    - SuperOffice 7.5 Customer Service
    And / or
    - SuperOffice 7.5 Windows Clients


    SuperOffice 8 requires "full stack" of all main components
    In this scenario you need to:

    Step 1: Upgrade CRM Server
    Step 2: Upgrade Windows Clients (* only if you are going to use "SuperOffice8 Windows App"
    Step 3: Upgrade SuperOffice7.5.Netserver  to SuperOffice8.Netserver *
    Step 4: Upgrade SuperOffice7.5.CS to SuperOffice8.CS
    Step 5: Install SuperOffice8.Web

     * If CS runs on Remote Netserver:
    - It it possible to merge CS.netserver and Web.Netserver for a more lean administration

    NOTE: If you have Pocket Server.7.5 installed - Uninstall Pocket Server.7.5. The Pocket Server.7.5 is not needed for SuperOffice8