Upgrade Scenario: Windows Client

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    Choose this scenario if you are currently using:
    - SuperOffice 7 Server
    - SuperOffice 7 Windows Clients

    SuperOffice 8 requires "full stack" of all main components
    In this scenario you need to: 

    For all scenarios where the customer do not have Customer Service already installed and configured:

    • Find SMTP server to use, and make sure relaying from CS server is enabled
    • Set DNS record ready for CS (support.company.com)
    • Setup of 1st. mailbox in CS (to be able to handle bounces)

    Step 1: Upgrade CRM Server
    Step 2: Upgrade Windows Clients (* only if you are going to use "SuperOffice 8 Windows client"
    Step 3: Install SuperOffice 8.Web
    Step 4: Install SuperOffice 8.CS


    NOTE: If you have Pocket Server.7 installed - Uninstall Pocket Server.7. The Pocket Server.7 is not needed for SuperOffice8