Upgrade Netserver / Web Services

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    Upgrade SuperOffice 7 NetServer to SuperOffice 8 NetServer 


    Prerequisites and preparations - we assume you have already:

    If SuperOffice 7 Web runs on Remote Netserver it is possible to merge CS Netserver and S&M.web Netserver for a more lean adminstration.

    The version number for Customer Service, CRM Web/Win, NetServer and the database must all correspond. When you want to upgrade one of these products, the other products must also be upgraded at the same time. When the database is upgraded, all the products must be upgraded to the appropriate version.


    These are the recommended steps for upgrading from SuperOffice 7 NetServer to SuperOffice 8 NetServer.

    1. See system requirements for SuperOffice8 NetServer
    2. Download and unzip the Web installer package on your server
    3. Run the Web installer.
    Download Netserver
    Download Netserver
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