Troubleshooting SuperOffice Ribbons

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    Activate VSTO error messages:

    SuperOffice Ribbons is build upon Microsoft Office VSTO, and you can turn on troubleshooting on the VSTO. You will then get an error message in the MS Office application who tries to load the add-in:

    1. Add a new "environment variable": Control Panel -> System and Security -> System ->Advanced System Settings, under System Variables.
    2. Make sure "LoadBehavior in the window registry is set to "3". This will make sure the Office application will try to start the add-in.
    3. Start MS Office-application, read the error message that pops up.

    This example shows it was Office 2007 missing SO Ribbons. Solution is to install Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.

    (delete the new "environment variable" added in #1)

    Check the log-files:

    Both SO Ribbons and Maillink writes to logfiles in the folder %APPDATA%\SuperOffice