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Pocket CRM

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    7.6 Build number: 7.6.5435Release date: 18 Nov 2014

    A new version of the Pocket CRM is now released.

    This update will cover the following product:

    • Pocket CRM client for iOS (distributed in Apple App Store)
    • Pocket CRM Client for Android(distributed in Google Play)
      • Pocket CRM Server

     The major news in this version are:

    • Checklist view in calendar
    • Notifications are moved to a new home screen
    • Swipe down to refresh lists
    • Swipe left on list items for shortcuts
    • Swipe left or right in day, week and month to go to prev an next
    • Sale status screen is shown as a column chart
    • Auto search in all search fields 
    • Support for local device proxy settings
    • Various minor bug fixes and improvements (See Product Issue Center)

    NOTE: It is not mandatory to upgrade the Pocket Server, but if you do not upgrade the Pocket CRM Server, the new features will not be available on the clients.