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Appendix A: Mobile device requirements

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    SuperOffice Pocket CRM is designed to support a wide variety of mobile phone brands and models.

    Almost all mobile devices on the market today supports download and installation of applications provided in a verified app store.


    For the Android platform we have created a special package with native support for camera and touch keyboard. This is available in Google Play and is available for most Android devices, mobile phones and tablets. 

    For the Apple iPhone/iPad (iOS) we have provided a separate package that is installed from the App Store. (Support for iOS 4.3 or newer)

    Minimum supported screen resolution is QVGA. This is a resolution of 240 by 320 pixels, supporting both landscape and portrait orientations. The layout and graphics scales to fit larger screens, like tablets with high pixel density and resolution. Smaller screens than QVGA are not supported.

    SuperOffice Pocket CRM is an online application that needs a network from the mobile device to the Pocket CRM Server. All data traffic is compressed and is designed to have a minimum overhead to save bandwidth. Minimum support is GPRS (approx 114kbp/s) – but 3G (approx 384kbp/s – 2Mbp/s) support is recommended. At home or in the office wireless LAN could be used to keep data traffic costs down.