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Appendix F: AJP Connector

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    NOTE: Pocket CRM is using .NET based AJP Connector so IIS can be used in conjunction with the Pocket CRM Server using the IIS http or https port.

    Part of the default installation of Pocket CRM is a connector that forward traffic from IIS to the embedded Apache Tomcat server running on port 8585.

    The connector is a .NET based DLL that is installed on <Tomcat root>/bin/ajp/
    During installation Virtual Directory (Application) are added for both Pocket CRM (/pocketcrm) and Distribution Server (/dl). Both these Virtual Directories points to the <Tomcat root>/bin/ajp/ and have asp net handler mappings defined.

    Virtual Directories defined for each Pocket CRM installation:

    Handler mapping installed on each of the Virtual Directory (Application):



    The Handler is configured with Script access.

    The scripts installing Virtual Directories and Handler mappings are stored in <Tomcat root>/ajp