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Install SuperOffice Pocket CRM

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    The SuperOffice Pocket CRM installation program is designed as a wizard guiding you through each step.

    Note: This procedure applies to a completely new installation, i.e. Full installation
    Note: Before you can start this task you need to install prerequisites. These are described under the chapter Introduction, section Prerequisites.
    Note: For Windows Server 2008 see chapter Appendix C: Windows Server 2008 prerequisites

    You navigate in the wizard using the Previous and Next buttons. If you choose to press the Cancel button at any point during the installation, any installed files for the current Pocket CRM instance will be removed from disk, and a "clean rollback" of installed data will be performed. In this case, you will receive a message that the installation was unsuccessful.

    Pocket CRM Server 7.5.1 and above - security logout possible

    Install information:

    To enable security logout when idle(in background):
    - Install Pocket CRM server 7.5.1 or above
    - Locate and open <installation path>\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\<pocketcrm>\WEB-INF\classes\ in a text editor
    - Specify a desired timeout value as milliseconds after CLIENT_IDLE_AUTOLOGOUT

    To specify a 15 minute idle logout time, add this:

    Save file and restart PocketCRM service
    NB: This security feature require client version 7.5.1 or above installed on the devices.

    To force clients to upgrade to this version it is possible to specify a least supported client version in the same file.