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Recommended enterprice scenario

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    A Network Load Balancing cluster (NLB) should be considered if there are more than 100 users of SuperOffice Pocket CRM.

    This is also related to the NetServer being a prerequisite; please see NetServer documentation for details about setting up NLB.

    This scenario can be illustrated as follows:

    Protocol and service used for the different arrows
     1  HTTP, default port 80 (AES Encrypted content) or HTTPS using valid certificate
     2  Web services (HTTP)
     3  IMAP
     4  File Share (may vary according to document archive provider)
     5  Database proprietary protocol (as implemented by the database drivers)

    Installing on multiple hosts

    In an enterprise scenario it is recommended to install Pocket CRM on a separate host to share the workload. Several hosts will be able to serve a greater number of clients if proper Network Load Balancing is used.

    Note: A large enterprise already hosting a Java enterprise environment (JEE), typically on IBM WebSphere, JBOSS, or equivalent, it is advisable to deploy Pocket CRM into this environment instead of using the built-in Apache Tomcat application server. Describing or performing such a deployment to such an environment is beyond the scope of this installation guide and features of the installer it-self. This should be deployed in collaboration with a SuperOffice partner.

    The simplest way of installing on multiple host is to separate Pocket CRM and NetServer on two separate physical hosts. For this scenario you can still use the exact same installation described for the small scenario.