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Upgrade Pocket Server

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    Upgrading to a newer version of Pocket CRM Server

    We recommend you before starting the upgrade, to make a copy of the current settings. To do that, copy the information file from, which is located under the main "SuperOffice Pocket CRM" catalog


    In order to upgrade Pocket server to version 7.6  you need:

    1. Download Pocket CRM 7.6 Server Setup from here.
    2. Upgrade Pocket server


    Server Upgrade for SuperOffice Pocket CRM procedure:

    1. Start the installation wizard by running SETUP.EXE.
    2. The wizard will provide you with the automatic settings for the installation. If you agree with automatic settings, simply click Next to continue.
    3. When you are done with all the steps of the installation process, don't forget to revise the entered data.
    4. Click Install to finish the installation.

    5. When the installation is completed, the next step is to select IIS Web Site. The full installation also includes the option to install an "IIS-to-Pocket CRM (Tomcat) connector". This connector will install in the selected IIS Web Site and route/forward traffic from IIS to the Pocket CRM Server. By default "Default Web Site" is chosen.
    6. Click Next.

    7. Click Done to finish the upgrade.
    8. After the upgrade, you can navigate to Start -> All Programs -> SuperOffice Pocket CRM and select the link for your Pocket CRM installation. This will open the default browser and you can inspect the result.

    In the beginning, NetServer connection will say "Initializing..." for several minutes. Then, it will change to "Ready" as displayed above.

    If you see an empty page in the browser window, it usually means that there has been a timeout and as a result a slow initialization of connecting to NetServer. Restarting the Pocket CRM service should solve this.