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Verify server installation

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    After installation there are some easy ways to verify that your installation is a success. You can also use these steps to trouble shoot an installation that does not seem to work properly.

    Verify Pocket CRM service

    Pocket CRM installs Apache Tomcat as a Windows service named Pocket CRM. Verify that this service is up and running, Start > Administrative Tools > Services and check if service Status is set to Started.

    Verify NetServer (WebServices)

    Pocket CRM uses SuperOffice NetServer so we need to verify that the server you install Pocket CRM can reach the server that NetServer is installed on.

    • Open the browser locally on the server you installed Pocket CRM.
    • Enter the domain name address to the remote NetServer installation.

    NOTE: As of SuperOffice NetServer 7.5 contract/wsdl is turned off by default so you will need to verify NetServer using SuperOffice Sales & Marketing for web or enable contract/wsdl in the web.config.  

    Verify Pocket CRM Server

    • Open Internet Explorer locally on the server you installed Pocket CRM.
    • Enter the Server address and the Application context. Add /servlet at the end.
      Example: http://<servername>.<yourcompany>.<com>/<application context>/servlet
      Result will start with "Pocket CRM server received a GET"

    If NetServer connection is wrong there will be displayed an error message.

    NOTE: If you receive an empty page in the browser it usually mean there has been a timeout, slow initialization connecting to NetServer. Restarting Pocket CRM service should help.

    Clients installed on mobile devices uses this address to communicate. This server address (URL) must be reachable from the mobile device, i.e. from the "public internet".

    Verify Pocket CRM Download Service

    • Open an internet browser locally on the server you installed Pocket CRM.
    • Enter the Download address
      Example: http://localhost/pocketcrm/dl
      Result will show a link to install Pocket CRM for Apple iOS (Iphone/Pad) or Pocket CRM for Google Android