SuperOffice Logfile Error Messages

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    Error messages in SO_Log.txt file.

    Date Time User ID Error code Description
    1010530 09:49:23 mhr 3.1011 Src: FindAssociate at D:\superoffice\HDB\Hbas.cpp v31 line 957


    The first number, before the dot is:

    1. Just for your information. There is nothing to worry about.

    2. Error, but not a critical one. The database may still be used.

    3. Critical error, most likely you have to perform a rebuild, but in some cases you may have to restore the database from backup.


    These are the different errors that may appear:

    SuperOffice internal errors

    1001 Unknown  
    1002 Message Undefined  
    1003 New  
    1004 Empty target object is empty (e.g. in a save op)
    1005 Illegal Filter  
    1006 Illegal Op illegal op with this object/data (e.g. update of extendedAppnt containing a document)
    1007 DynLink failed to obtain address of dynamically linked function
    1008 Checksum  
    1009 Parameter  
    1010 ObjectState object not properly initialized
    1011 BadLoginName uid did not match loginname in any assoc record
    1012 BadLoginPwd pwd did not match the password in the user's assoc record
    1013 LoginDisabled loginright in AssociatelIcenseInfo is false
    1014 MissingOwnerRecord owner company or contact record is missing
    1015 OwnerRegChanged mismatch between comp.reg and cont.reg
    1016 OwnerNameChanged mismatch between and
    1017 DatabaseVersion SO database <--> dict database version no. mismatch
    1018 DictVersion dict database <--> app (hardcoded dict stuff) version no. mismatch
    1019 StrangeConversion strange (and probably unintended) data conversion during upgrade (userdef)
    1020 Wizardry  
    1021 FieldNotUnique cont.num2 etc.
    1022 Expired appointLimit violation
    1023 DemoExpired  
    1024 ObjectBadInit Object could not be initialized correct
    1025 NotImplemented Operation not (yet) implemented
    1026 OpCanceled OPeration canceled by the user
    1027 FileNotFound Some kind of file (not database) was not found
    1028 InvalidKeyCode Checksum part of keycode invalid (UxResId.h SR_LIC_INVALIDKEYCODE)
    1029 OldKeyCode Trying to reuse a previous keycode - cheating! (UxResId.h SR_LIC_OLDKEYCODE)
    1030 OldLicenseSystem Old (5.0) license info detected, can't use that... (UxResId.h SR_LIC_OLDLICENSESYSTEM)
    1031 LicenseDataInvalid Invalid data for company or associate - hacked database? (UxResId.h SR_LIC_LICENSEDATAINVALID)
    1032 WinLoginDisabled winclient in AssociateLicenseInfo is false
    1033 UserExist The user already exist on the database
    1034 UserGroupError Update of database user group failed
    1035 UpgradeTo6Expired The customer must upgrade the keycode after a fixed number of days after upgrading form version 5.xx to 6.xx


    Database interface

    2001 Unknown  
    2002 Skipped op. was not performed (e.g. update of unchanged record)
    2003 Busy some async DBMS call is still executing
    2004 DbNotCapable The DBMS does not support this operation
    2005 FileNotOpen Some file could not be opened
    2006 ExclusiveLock Failed to reserve database exclusively
    2007 UserLock Failed to write-access database (to lock out exclusive reservations)
    2008 MetaDictVersion metadictionary <--> dictionary database version no. mismatch
    2009 FilteredOut a record was found but didn't get past the filter
    2010 BufferShortage a record or key buffer could not be reserved
    2011 ModifiedByOtherUser the record has been modified since the last time it was read
    2012 OptionalNotFound signal that an optional (outer joined) record wasn't found (SODBIF internal)
    2013 UnsupportedDBMS warning given when sodbif connects to an unrecognized DBMS or ODBC driver
    2014 BadHdb given HDB does not refer to an open database connection



    3001 Unknown  
    3002 NotFound  
    3003 CursorState  
    3004 // OBSOLETE FileNotFound  
    3005 FilenoInUse  
    3006 RecordTrunc  
    3007 Parameter  
    3008 ConnectFailed  
    3009 ConnectionInUse  
    3010 ConnectionBroken  
    3011 BadSQL  
    3012 IntegrityViolation normally this means the operation would violate uniqueness
    3013 TransactionState  
    3014 Cursor  
    3015 Authorization  
    3016 Deadlock  
    3017 Aborted  
    3018 DriverInternal  
    3019 TableExists  
    3020 TableNotFound  
    3021 IndexExists  
    3022 IndexNotFound  
    3023 ColumnExists  
    3024 ColumnNotFound  
    3025 DatabaseObject  
    3026 GeneralError  
    3027 Memory  
    3028 Sequence  
    3029 DriverNotCapable  
    3030 Timeout  
    3031 Delete could not delete (c-tree)
    3032 FileCreate (c-tree)
    3033 FileCorrupt (c-tree)
    3034 RecordLocked (c-tree)
    3035 MultiuserInterference (c-tree)
    3036 NoAltCollating (c-tree)
    3037 IndexMismatch (c-tree)
    3038 SingleuserFeature returned from singleuser specific c-tree function (e.g. CtSuperfilePrepassXtd)
    3039 IllegalDbType Can only travel with certain db's
    3040 PasswordTooShort Some databases have strong opinions on these things!
    3041 WrongDictionary Dictionary version does not match!


    Operating system

    4001 Unknown  
    4002 DLLNotFound  
    4003 DLLWrongVersion  
    4004 ResDLLNotFound Special case of DLL not found - we can't read string resources from DLL
    4005 ResDLLWrongVersion Special case of DLL wrong ver - we can't read string resources from DLL
    4006 DLLNotOptimalVersion  



    5001 Unknown  



    6001 ErrRep_Unknown  
    6001 NoData No data in report



    7001 Unknown  



    8001 Unknown  
    8002 BadStruct  
    8003 BadNumericalTree  
    8004 BadNumericalNode  
    8005 BadRelRecHandle  
    8006 EmptyFieldSet  
    8007 NewFailed  
    8008 BadHdb  
    8009 NotFound  
    8010 Parameter  


    Travel and satellite

    9001 Unknown  
    9002 FileCopyError  
    9003 BadInit Object wrongly or not initialized
    9004 UnexpectedEndOfChain  
    9005 FactoryFailed Object factory failed to create object
    9006 IteratorFailed Iterator returned failure
    9007 BadSOINI  
    9008 BadDb SHDatabase& given to function was not in an OK state
    9009 NotParent The alledged parent db wasn't.
    9010 AssocNotBelonging The associate do not belong to the db
    9011 AssocCannotTravel The associate is not allowed to travel.
    9012 NoPrototype  
    9013 ErrTrv_OpCanceled Operation canceled by user
    9014 CantCreateDir  
    9015 InconsistentDbState  
    9016 UnknownTable The table number was unknown (too high)
    9017 UnknownOwnerType The address, phone or text record's owner type was unknown (at the time of implementation)
    9017 RelocationFailed Relocation of ID failed, probably due to a corrupt record
    9018 RecordFiltered record removed by Area Filter; this is not an error, just a status value used in the old code.
    9019 FileOpenWriteFailed  
    9020 FileOpenReadFailed unable to open file for reading
    9021 FileFormatError error in up/dwn file format, file unacceptable
    9022 FileVersionError UP/DWN file recognisable, but unacceptable version
    9023 DiskFullError disk full during writing of file
    9024 EncryptionError error during encryption of file
    9025 DecryptionError error during decryption of file
    9026 ZipError error during ZIPing of file
    9027 UnzipError error during UNZIPing of file
    9028 WrongSender sender was not who we expected
    9029 WrongReceiver this was not addressed to us
    9030 WrongNumber file did not contain expected transmission number
    9031 WrongSenderTag the sender's DB tag did not match what we expected
    9032 WrongReceiverTag this was not addressed to us (db tag mismatch)


    Support libs, sup, ug, etc...

    10001 Unknown  
    11001 NotFoundInCache The record was not in the cache



    12001 DuplicateRowId Messagage to Fetcher clients, a join produced a "duplicate row id".
    12002 SkipRow Messagage to Fetcher clients, similar to a "duplicate" hit. Typicaly used by the fetcher when a row returned is hit by Sentry
    Allows the fetcher to return without having to go through a loop. This way, the client decides the "Cancel" granularity.
    12003 FilteredRow See SProjectArchiveFetcher for example. It's not exactly a duplicate row id.
    12004 PrivateRow More precise than SkipRow :-)