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    Our mail link may be used for both the windows and web client. It's also the same client installer for both Notes* and Outlook. *Notes link must be installed on the server.

    The mail link is installed by the CRM windows client installer, or you may choose to install it from the webclient under "Install SuperOffice 7 Productivity Tools" or File - Download

    Sales & Marketing windows client detection

    SuperOffice Client must have been started ONCE before MailLink properly detects the client. The client sets up the IniDir registry entry which MailLink checks.

    Customer Service detection

    When Winclient is detected and preferred client is set to windows or Customer Service and no explicit url is typed in URL

    The MailLink will try to detect the Customer Service installation from the database.

    When preferred client is set to Web and URL is configured then the MailLink will try to detect Customer Service installation through the database Web is connected to.

    When preferred client is set to Customer Service and URL is not set and if windows client is detected, we will try to detect Customer Service from this database.


    If the URL is set:

    We will first check if this is a url to a MailLinkService.svc to see if there is a Sales & Marketing web installation at this url. If we find this service, we will try to detect Customer Service through this service.

    If this fails, we will try to see if we can find the soapTicket.exe file at the specified url. This is the last attempt to try to detect Customer Service.

    If we only have soapTicket to communicate with, MailLink only support Archive as request and lookup for sender. Any other functionality such as Settings (usage of preferences in database) do NOT work in Customer Service only configurations.

    Problems archiving as requests

    If you are trying to archive an email as a request and receive an error saying "The remote server returned an unexpected response: (502) Bad Gateway" you have to open up the different ports under Settings - SOAP in Customer Service.
    You have to open up all the different ports (Port:Customer, Port:Ticket and Port:Admin) to allow the ip-addresses the clients connect to Customer Service from.