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Enable administration of SoMailArchive

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    To enable an administrator of SuperOffice / Lotus Notes to look through SOMailArchive.nsf and delete unwanted mails the customer or a consultant must change the design of the database.
    If you replace the design the functionality of the SoMailArchive will not work as designed. This should only be done to do maintenance of the SoMailArchive database.

    If you want to "Replace design" here are a short guide on how to do this:

    If you try to open the SoMailArchive.nsf

    you will get this screen

    To change the design of the database go to "File", "Application" and "Replace Design":
    Choose the template that you want to replace the current design with. In example the standard template for Notes 8.5 is used:

    This mesagebox appears:

    Choose "Yes" to replace design.
    Now close the "SoMailArchive" and open it again and you will be able to see the e-mail inside the "SoMailArchive".

    E-mails will be in the "Inbox folder" and in the "Sent" folder, depending if they are outging og incoming emails.

    Read the SuperOffice Notes Link Reference Guide.pdf for more information about SuperOffice Notes Link. This file is found in the installation folder ..\SuperOffice CRM\[Notes]\[Program]\NotesLink Server