Shared Notes server install

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    Shared notes server install guide

    How to host several Notes Link databases on one Domino server.

    Change from SOCONFIG to "New Name"

    The following changes have to be done to change the name of the Config directory.

    Change the name on the SOCONFIG-directory on the server where Notes link are installed. The folder is located in the data directory on the Domino Server.

    Edit the SO Distribution & Configuration

    Open the Domino Administrator and change the Database Configuration for SO Distribution & Configuration that now are in "new name" directory on the Domino-server.
    File -> Database -> Open -> server/name -> "New name" -> SO Distribution & Configuration

    Right click on SOMAILARC and click EDIT.

    Change the content to the desired value. (SOCONFIG -> "New Name")

    Edit the Actions in the SuperOffice archive Subform

    Open SO Distribution & Configuration in Domino Designer.

    Open Subforms

    Double-click on SuperOffice archive Subform Objects

    Choose the object "Archive mail in SuperOffice" and change the value SOCONFIG to "NewName" in the following Actions






    Edit the SuperOffice Mail Template

    Open the SuperOffice Template i Designer

    Go to Script Libraries under Resources.

    Double-click on SuperOfficeFunctions

    Change the following from SOCONFIG to "NewName"


    Find TravelLocations




    Edit the Notes.ini

    Open the Notes.INI located in the Data-directory on the Domino server

    Change $Envpath=SOCONFIG to $Envpath=SONORGE

    Edit the Preference in SuperOffice

    Start the SuperOffice Administrator client

    Click Preferanser

    Choose System

    Select SuperOffice MailArchive db in Notes click add and type in
    "New Name"\SoMailArchive.nsf

    Replicate the new SuperOffice Template down to the users.