Installing e-mail integration on a single user

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    Installing and configuring the SuperOffice E-mail integration on a single user

    Installation on a single-user installation may be a little different, since the Somagate program may be running on the same machine as the user. We will try to explain the differences between a multi-user and a single-user installation.

    Create an email account

    This is optional. We can use the user's own email account as Somagate's account with interference. 

    Create profile

    This is however necessary. Please set it up in the same manner as in setting up network user, but select Internet mail instead of Exchange server.

    Install SuperOffice Mail Gateway (SOMAGATE)

    Straightforward, please select Install SuperOffice Mail Gateway from the Client setup. 

    Tell SuperOffice what email address the SuperOffice Mail gateway has

    This is necessary both on network installation and single user installation.