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Groupwise and SuperOffice

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    If you want to use Groupwise as your mail client you need to use the SuperOffice inbox. Note - we do not officially support Groupwise 7.

    The gateway client needs Outlook, and must change the mail template (*.som files) so it's similar to this:

    Subject=<head                                                                 >

    Name=<mgdn                                                                    >
    Address=<mgma                                                                 >

    Address=<auem                                                                 >

    [To 1]
    Address=<atem                                                                 >



    <auth                                                                 >
    <atit                                                                 >
    <onam                                                                 >, <ocit                                             >

    mailto:<auem                                                          >
    Phone: <opho                                                          >
    Fax:   <ofax                                                          >