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Installing and configuring

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    Installing and configuring the SuperOffice E-mail integration in a network


    Create an email account

    The Somagate program needs its own inbox and therefore an own email account. The users can decide for themselves where this account is located. There are no differences from a "normal" Exchange" email account or an account provided by an ISP. If the users don't have access to an "extra" account, free email accounts can be required from HotMail or similar services. In this example we use

    Create a profile

    This is actually rather tricky because everything has to be set correct for the Somagate program to work properly. Somagate requires the email to be delivered to the Inbox. NB: Not the personal inbox. If the email is delivered to the personal inbox, Somagate won't find it and the user may think that it doesn't work.

    On the server you want the SuperOffice Mail Gateway to run, follow these step-by-step instructions on how to set up a profile:

    Open Mail and Fax in the Control Panel and choose "Show Profiles"
    Choose Add
    This dialog will appear. Please select the information service(s) you need

    Press Next

    This dialog will appear. Please enter the desired Profile name.



    Press Next.
    The next dialog will be this one. Please enter the correct Exchange server If there's no Exchange server around, (because you use Internet Mail), please ignore this step. Anyway, enter the name of the Exchange server and the inbox to use (Somagate's inbox):



    Press Next
    Finish the installation by pressing Next a couple of times.
    When you pressed the Mail and Fax button in the Control Panel and pressed "Show Profiles", you saw this dialog:




    Please change it so it says it will start with Somagate's profile when Microsoft Windows Messaging starts. When this is done, press Proporties and make sure that everything looks OK.

    Especially this part:



    That's all. You've probably have to restart the computer now for letting the changes to take effect.


    Install SuperOffice Mail Gateway (SOMAGATE)

    The mail integration is an, as the name claims, integrated part of SuperOffice.

    The following rules apply to the installation:

    First rule: The computer that runs Somagate must be able to "see" the SuperOffice Archive. In the ini-file located in the folder where Somagate is started from you need to have the following section:


    Second rule: The system only needs one Somagate running. It is not necessary to install Somagate on all the computers.



    The Somagate program is installed by running the Setup.EXE from the SuperOffice Client folder on your file server.

    The will make the installation program to install the Somagate program in the SuperOffice program directory. It will also create a short cut to it and place it in the start-up folder.

    The Somagate is installed now, but there are some more things that you have to do.

    1. Start Somagate (somagate.exe)
    2. Click on Somagate's icon in the system tray and a menu will appear.
    3. Select setup, and this dialog will appear


    1. Fill in the appropriate settings:
    • Create a new MAPI session at login:
      The Gateway can use its own MAPI session or it can piggyback on an already existing one. The difference is that piggybacking is faster, but it will demand full control of the session while it is actively using it. If you only have one profile on this computer, leave it unchecked.
    • Force download of new messages:
      If the Gateway's mail account is located on another server and the system is set to check for new mail every n seconds, checking this option will make The Gateway download any new messages before it searches the inbox for e-mails to process.
      NOTE! If you use a dial-up connection, setting this option will cause the mail gateway to go online each time the mail gateway is set up to check for new messages.
    • Check for new messages every … (seconds)
      This box tells the Gateway how often it should check for new e-mail to process. We recommend that the Gateway check for new mail with 1-5 minute intervals.
    • Keep log in logfile for … (days)
      The Gateway logs everything it does in the file somagate.log. This option sets the number of days back the history should show. We recommend 7 days.
    • Use MAPI-profile
      Enter the profile you created for the Gateway in this field. If you only have one profile on this computer, leave it blank. 
    • Password
      Enter the password for Somagate's e-mail account. If you only have one profile on this computer, leave it blank. 

    Tell SuperOffice what email address the SuperOffice Mail gateway has:

    For SuperOffice Mail Gateway to work, you must specify a Mail Gateway e-mail address.

    To specify a Mail Gateway name and e-mail address:

    Open the Preferences screen in the Maintenance Client.

    1. Select E-mail in the View groups list box.
    2. Under Preferences, select Gateway name.
    3. Click Add. This brings up the Setting dialog box.
      In the Gateway name field, specify the name to show in the BCC (blind carbon copy) field in outgoing e-mails (only visible to the e-mail sender).

      Click Save. The setting you specified will appear under Active settings in the Preferences screen.
    4. Under Preferences select Gateway mail address.
      Click Add.
      In the Setting dialog box, enter the SuperOffice Mail Gateway e-mail address in the Gateway-e-mail address field.
      Click Save.

    Outgoing e-mail is now ready to use.