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Remove the ”Install”-dialog

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    How to avoid displaying the ”Install”-dialog for every user after installing MailLink


    When installing SuperOffice MailLink with Ribbons, every user starting Outlook, Word, Excel or Powerpoint will have to confirm that they want to install the Ribbon components through the following dialog:

    Large customers often educate their users not to install software, and a large number of their users presses the “Don’t install”-button causing Ribbons to be deactivated as the result.
    The best solution is to avoid the confirmation dialog for all users.


    All .Net code running on a computer has a level of code security that decides what the code is allowed and not allowed to do. When the Ribbons code is loaded for the first time, it requests an elevation of its code rights and this causes the above dialog to be displayed asking the user if he/she trusts the SuperOffice Ribbon code to run with a higher code access security level.


    The solution is to tell the computer that we already trust code that comes from SuperOffice. The Ribbons code has already been signed by us, so the system knows that the code really comes from SuperOffice.
    To tell the system that we trust code from SuperOffice, we need to add the public part of the certificate that signed the code in the first place to the computer’s list of trusted publishers.
    This can be done by adding the SuperOffice certificate to the computer certificate store. Remember that this should be done in the machine-context and not in the user context.

    Step by step

    Start MMC.exe from the command line and click File -> Add/Remove snap-in:

    Open the certificates store for the local computer and select the folder Trusted Publishers: 


    Additional Notes

    So what happens if you are in a situation where a lot of your users has already pressed “Don’t install”?
    The simplest solution is to give every user a registry script that changes the loadbehaviour value for all the ribbons from 2 to 3. This will cause the install dialog to reappear, or you might install the certificate using the instructions given in this document to avoid displaying the dialog again.

    We have a separate article that explains how to manipulate registry to hide/show Ribbons in a citrix environment.