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Client configuration from 7.1 sr1

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    A new tool/exe-file has been added to the MailLink suite. This file is called "SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe" and is deployed to the same directory as the other MailLink files.

    This tool supercedes the old maillink in-registry configuration used in Maillink prior to version 7.1. This tool is only supplied in MailLink 7.1 SR1 or newer.

    This file is a pure Command-line tool and is intended for the following purposes:

    - partners to extract information about the current superoffice web environment
    - administrators to be able to centrally deploy/(re)configure maillink

    This tool is not intended to be used by end-users.

    Using the file with /? parameters yiels the usage-statement



    You can get values with -get. Invoking -get ? (or any invalid property) lists valid properties.

    Valid property-names are: PreferredClient, SecondaryClient, SmUrl, CsUrl, SiteUrl


    Same with -set ?:

    Valid property-names are: PreferredClient, SecondaryClient, SmUrl, CsUrl, SoUsername, SoPassword

    Note that the list of properties which can be get and set are not the same. SiteUrl cannot be set and Username and password can not be retrieved.

    Properties to be set will be partially validated (Urls will be validated as such, client-types will be validated as such).

    Using -get and a list of properties (seperated by space) yields those configuration values, in order provided by list:

    > SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe -get SmUrl SiteUrl

    When using -set the tool behaves in the same way as with -get, that is, parameters can be a list of properties, but every property must have a corresponding value.

    >SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe -set SmUrl http://server/site/Services/MailLinkService.svc CsUrl http://server2/site2/
    Property SmUrl successfully set to "http://server/site/Services/MailLinkService.svc".
    Property CsUrl successfully set to "http://server2/site2/".

    Each successfully configured value will get reported as such, but fields which cannot be extracted with -get will not have its value reported:

    >SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe -set SoUsername MyName SoPassword MyPassword
    Property SoUsername successfully set.
    Property SoPassword successfully set.

    Attempting to set values properties with impossible values will report what is acceptable values:

    >SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe -set PreferredClient Web
    Invalid property specified. Valid property-names are: SM_Windows, SM_Web, CS_Web, None

    >SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe -set SmUrl myserver/site
    Provided value can not be used to set URL-type property. Are you missing a http:// prefix?

    All incorrect invocation should produce a returncode, so errors should be detectable in code.

    >SuperOffice.MailLink.ClientConfiguration.exe -set boo hoo
    Invalid property "boo" specified. Valid property-names are: PreferredClient, SecondaryClient, SmUrl, CsUrl, SoUsername, SoPassword

    >echo %ERRORLEVEL%


    Reports the current MailLink version.

    New arguments from 7.5

    The tool now supports registering the the Outlook addin for both the current user and system-wide. 

    The new arguments are: