Exposing Web Services

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    We also offer the possibility to expose the NetServer WebServices on the same site as the Sales & Marketing Web client

    • If you want to minimize memory use, and have multiple applications (such as Pocket, plus some in-house apps), then this is good
    • It does, however, expose the Web Service functionality to the same network as the Web GUI, usually to the Internet in general
    • This increases the ”attack area” of your site; someone with knowledge of the services could try to exploit them
    • Every service call needs to furnish a valid set of credentials, so it’s not wide open to everyone – but still, there is some increase in risk
    • It also binds clients to the same version as your Web GUI
    • This dependency can be broken at need by installing multiple sites

    To exposte web services start the Product Configuration - SuperOffice 7 Web (SuperOffice) from the Start menu.

    Under Security tick the Expose Netserver WebServices (APP_PATH/Remote)


    Which Services end point to use?
    Versions / client Web Service
    9.1 and newer services88 services88
    8.5 R09 - R15 services88 services88
    8.5 R01 - R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R07, R08 services87 services87
    8.4 R01 - R06 services86 services86
    8.3 R02, R03, R04 services86 services86
    8.3 R01 services85 services85
    8.2 services84 services84
    8.1 services84 services84
    8.0 SR3, SR4, SR5, SR6 services82 services82
    8.0, SR1, SR2 services80 services80

    Pocket CRM will automatically pick up the correct Services folder.