Bandwidth considerations

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    The recommendations below assume that GZip compression of level 9 is configured for static and dynamic content on the web server.

    Client-side bandwidth recommendations

    The SuperOffice Sales & Marketing web application can run in two modes:

    • Normal User Interface
    • Simple User interface

    The latter option is intended for situations with slow bandwidth, long latency and situations where packets are lost.  Most of the users running on the “western hemisphere” will be running the Normal User Interface.

    Minimum recommended bandwidth for Normal User Interface is 1 Mbit/sec, minimum recommended latency is 50 ms and backed loss should be < 1%.

    Minimum recommended bandwidth for Simple User interface is 500 Kbit/sec, minimum recommended latency is 200 ms and packet loss should be < 4%.

    Server-side bandwidth recommendations

    The minimum bandwidth for the web servers should be 1 Mbit/sec for all installations up to 50 users.

    We estimate the individual user’s bandwidth consumption to add up to an average of 20Kbit/sec. Hence; for installations over 50 users, the following are the minimum recommendations:

    U: Number of users
    B: Bandwidth in Mbit/sec

     U x 0,02 = B

    This means that 75 users require 1,5 Mbit/sec of bandwidth.

     75 x 0,02 = 1,5

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