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Install 7.web

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    Locate Setup.exe and run from the installation cd/folder.
    1. You need to accept the License agreement to continue the installation.
    2. Specify the SuperOffice 7 Web Application Title (you can leave it as default) and select the destination folder where you want to install 7.web. 
    3. Select the first option if you want to install both the web application and NetServer web services on the same computer (continue on step 4). Select the second setup type if you want to split the web application and NetServer webservices on two computers (move to step xx).
    4. In the next dialog select the website and/or virtual directory for SuperOffice 7 web and specify a name for the new virtual directory for SuperOffice 7 web or leave the default 'SuperOffice'.
      Note: If the dropdown under select website is blank you need to Turn Windows features on or off - IIS 6 Management Compability and IIS 6 Management Console.
    5. Click “Install” to begin the installation process.
    6. Check “I would like to launch CRM.web Configuration” to start the  configuration utility and click “Finish”.
    7. Read the “Welcome” section and click “Next”.
    8. On the “Database driver settings”, choose the database system for the database you installed on with server setup and click “Next”.
    9. In the “Database settings” fill in the fields to configure your connection to the database. Click the “Test connection” to be sure that the configuration is correct. The user here must be a database system user. When it works, click “Next”.
    10. In the “Document Settings” you need to enter the “Archive Path” to the folder you created in the server setup part. You also need a temporary path. The “Impersonate User” must have access to the file server where SO_arc is located. Test successful and click “Next”.
    11. Leave the “Security” section as is.
    12. In the “Globalization” section, choose your country in the “Application country code” if it exists. If not, choose English.
    13. Click “Next” on the following sections until you get to the “Finish” button. Click it to create the configuration file. Choose Encrypt configuration to encrypt the system user name and password in the web.config file. Click Finish.
    14. SuperOffice product configuration for Reporter is opened. Click Next on the welcome screen.
    15. An ODBC system datasource must be available on the server where Netserver web services is running. Add the name of the ODBC here. Also include the database prefix, typically CRM7.