6.web with remote web services (netserver)

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    Sometimes, we may want to install SuperOffice SIX.web on one machine and the NetServer application server with Web services on another. In such cases, we will need to run the installation and configuration procedure on both machines - once for NetServer with Web services, and once for SIX.web. These procedures are described below.

    An important point to remember!

     It is recommended that we install NetServer with Web services first, and then install SuperOffice SIX.web on the other machine.


    Before starting, we should gather the following information.

    • Database server IP/DNS address
    • Database server version
    • SIX database name
    • SIX database prefix/schema name
    • SIX database user name
    • SIX database password
    • SO_ARC file server name
    • SO_ARC location (UNC path
    • SO_ARC user name (if needed)
    • SO_ARC password (if needed)
    • SO_ARC domain (if needed)
    • NetServer server IP/DNS address
    • NetServer Web services URL
    • NetServer ASP.NET application identity
    • SIX.web server IP/DNS address
    • SIX.web server URL
    • SIX.web ASP.NET application identity



    Do the following to install NetServer with Web services:

    1.    Follow steps 1-5 in “Install 6.web (32 bit)”. The Setup Type dialog is displayed:


    2.    Select SIX.web & NetServer application server on separate machines, and click Next.


    3.    In the SuperOffice Product Installation dialog, select NetServer application server with Web Services, and click Next.

    4.    Follow steps 7-10 on “Installing 6.web” to create the web application for NetServer Web services.


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