6.web with remote web services (web)

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    An important point to remember!

    Before we install SuperOffice SIX.web, it is recommended that you install the SuperOffice NetServer application server with Web services on the other machine, as this is required for SuperOffice SIX.web to run.

    The Batch service and Reporter must run on the machine running Netserver

    Do the following to install SIX.web:

    1.   Follow steps 1-5 in “Install 6.web”. The Setup Type dialog is displayed:


    2.   Select SIX.web & NetServer application server on separate machines, and click Next.


    3.   In the SuperOffice Product Installation dialog, select SIX.web, and click Next.

    4.   Follow steps 7-10 on “Install 6.web” to create the web application for SIX.web.