Install 64 bit (6.web)

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    The 64 bit installer does not yet support this installation, thus it needs to be configured manually.

    1. Before you install 6.web, download the 64 bit version of Netservice web services from - SuperOffice Netserver 6.3 x64 (build 3561)
    2. Set up and configure Netservice web services,batch server service and Reporter on the remote computer
    3. Install 6.web 64 bit. The installer does not provide you with the choice to set up 6.web distribued so after it's installed you'll need to change the config file:

      open c:\program files\superoffice\SuperOffice 6.web x64\Config\SoAppConfig.config and set the following to:
    4. Now run the Product configuration - SuperOffice SIX.web (c:\program files\superoffice\SuperOffice 6.web x64\Config\SoAppConfig.exe)