Install 6.web (32 bit)

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    In order for us to complete the installation we require the following in formation.

    • Database server IP/DNS address
    • Database server version
    • SIX database name
    • SIX database prefix/schema name
    • SIX database user name
    • SIX database password
    • SO_ARC file server name
    • SO_ARC location (UNC path)
    • SO_ARC user name (if needed)
    • SO_ARC password (if needed)
    • SO_ARC domain (if needed
    • SIX.web server IP/DNS address
    • SIX.web URL
    • SIX.web ASP.NET application identity
    When SIX.web is running the port used by the program should not be used by any other application. If the port is used by any other application there will be a continuous rendering of the SIX.web “aspx” pages.

    The SuperOffcie SIX.web installation is designed as a wizard, which helps us to install the application.

    The installation steps are as follows.

    1. Start the installation program by running SETUP.EXE. The installation wizard starts.

    2. In the welcome screen, click Next.

    3. Read the licence agreement. And if you agree to the terms, select I accept the terms of the license agreement, and then click Next.

    4. In the SIX.web Application Title field, specify a title for the application. This title is shown in the list of programs under Add or Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel. If several instances of SIX.web are installed on the computer, this title can be used to distinguish the instances from each other. Also, the application title is used as a suffix in the installation path and is stored in the configuration file. The default application title is "SuperOffice".

    5. In the Destination Folder field, we have to specify the folder where we want to install SIX.web. The default folder is retrieved from the operating environment. If we want to install in a different folder, we click Browse and select the desired folder. Then we click Next.

    6. Select SIX.web & NetServer application server on the same machine, and click Next.

    7. In the Internet Information Setup section, select the web site for SIX.web from the dropdown list. The list contains all web sites on the computer. If only one web site is detected on the computer, that web site is selected by default. In the Create a new virtual directory for SIX.web field, specify the name of the virtual directory to be created for SIX.web on the specified web site. The default for a new installation is that the name of the virtual directory is the same as the application title we specified in step 4 on page 6. When we are done, we click Next.

    An important point to remember!

    If you leave this field blank, you will overwrite the web site’s root directory. This is not recommended.

    8. Click Install to start the installation. The installation program starts copying the necessary files to the computer, and a shortcut to the SuperOffice Product Configuration program is added to the Windows Start menu.

    9. The Install Shield Wizard Complete dialog contains two checkboxes:

    · I would like to launch SIX.web Configuration. We can Select this option if we want to configure SIX.web at this point. This option is selected by default. The configuration program can also be launched manually by selecting Start > All Programs > SuperOffice > SIX.web > Product Configuration (instance name), where "instance name" is the name of the instance we want to configure.

    · I would like to launch IIS Configuration. We can Select this option if we want to verify our settings in IIS at this point. This option is deselected by default. IIS can also be launched manually from Administrative Tools in the Windows Control Panel.

    When we are done, we click Finish.

    Depending on what we selected in step 9, the SuperOffice Product Configuration program may be launched, and IIS may be launched in the background.