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Trouble shooting

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    We made changes in SOAdmin, but SIX.web do not take note of these changes. Why?

    You need to tell SIX.web to get the new information from SOAdmin, this is done by using the ?flush parameter, like:

    http://PATH TO SIX.web/default.aspx?flush

    We experience slow response time in SIX.web.

    If you have had debug logging turned on in the web.config file, turn it off.

    Log to SuperOffice may cause performance problems if you have a slow internet connection or any other problems connecting to the internet, and is not needed unless you are experiencing problems where you've been asked to turn it on.

    My server sits in a DMZ with no name service (the ports are firewalled for safety reasons). Is there anything special I should be aware for SIX.web?

    The error reporting service that reports errors back to SuperOffice uses a DNS name by default. You can change this to a fixed IP address if you want to help SuperOffice diagnose and fix problems.