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    Settings for SuperOffice Remote Travel (SORT.exe)


    DriveTestType = 1

    0=Test that file server is available 1=Test by mapping network drive

    DriveUid = Network username

    DrivePwd = Network password

    OrderUpdate= 1=Request update from central database is marked



    UseDefault =

    1=Use default dial-up setting is ticked

    Ras = Name of Dial-up connection


    Uid = Dial-up Username

    Pwd = Dial-up password

    Phone = Phone number

    Callback = Callback number

    Domain = Network domain

    UseRouter = 0=Use dial-up (RAS) connection 1=Use existing LAN connection

    Hangup = 1=Hangup when done is marked



    CopyType= 0

    LargeFiles = 0




    [Contact] The users want to receive all documents by contacts owned by him.

    Associate=11 The associate_ID


    [Project] The users wants to receive all documents by projects owned by him.

    Associate=11 The associate_ID


    [Associate] The user wants to receive all documents from his department.

    Group=11 The associate_id, from this we find the current usergroup_id


    [CopyType] Special copy options

    CopyType= The period, 0 means current, for example 2008.1.

    1 means current and last , for example 2008.1 and 2007.2.


    2 means all periodes between 1980 and 2035. Note - if you have problems with this, check the short date format.


    LargeFiles=1 1 What to-do with large files, skip, ask or copy

    FileSize=500 What is the file size before skipping, asking or copy


    [ContactSelection] Specified contacts

    Entry0=2 The contact_id

    Entry1=1 The contact_id 1


    [ProjectSelection] Specified projects

    Entry0=2 The project_id


    [AssociateSelection] Specified groups

    Entry0=1 The group_idx

    Entry1=4 The group_idx