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    From 7.0 SR1 you are free to choose whatever database type you want on travel. Before this version you where limited to either using our built-in (a Sybase database) or one matching your SQL Server in use centrally. From 7.0 SR1 This means you now may choose to use SQL express as a travel database even if your central database is not SQL Server 2005 or higher.

    Build-in database

    If you choose the built-in database then we set it all up for you automatically.


    SQL Express

    To use SQL Express you must first download and installed SQL Express from

    Please note - the version installed on the computer generating the prototype must be compatible with the version the travel users are running locally.

    The travel client needs a ODBC datasource, could be called SOTravel. You just need to add Name = SOTravel and Servername = .\SQLExpress

    Add Local_datapath=ODBC:SOTravel to the SuperOffice.ini file in c:\program files\superoffice\superoffice 7 windows.


    Sybase 12

    Our built-in database is Sybase 12 but is locked to the SuperOffice CRM client and requires both the application and database file to use special keys, preventing updates from other applications. If you have Sybase 12 you may use this instead as the travel database from 7.0 SR1