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Fill characters

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    Sometimes you have to use fill characters in templates so that a field's contents or formatting will not be changed or deleted if the content of a field is shorter than the length specified by the field variable.

    Use the variable padd# to specify the fill character to use. Replace the # character with the ANSI code of the character you wish to use as a fill character. You will usually find a list of ANSI codes in the manual for the program you are creating templates for.

    SuperOffice has default values for fill characters for the most commonly used word-processing and spreadsheet applications. A soft hyphen is usually used because it does not display on the screen or a printout. For applications where the set-up is unknown, SuperOffice uses , which is the ANSI code for a space.

    If you do not want to use fill characters, use the template variable .

    Note: This only works for document formats that are sequential, for example, Notepad and AmiPro templates without graphics.

    When you use you can write all the template variables without blank characters between the name of the template variable and the closing variable delimiter (>).

    Tip: Microsoft Word uses as a fill character.