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HTML Template

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    Create a mail merge template

    1. Create a new document and add the information and template variables you want.

    2. Save the document
      1. In SO_Arc\Template if you want to use this document as a SuperOffice template.
      2. If you want to create a HTML mail merge file, save it on your desktop as a "Web Page, Filtered"

    3. To avoid getting strange characters when this file is used with mailmerge from web client we recommend you save this as Unicode by opening the file in Notepad and changing the encoding to Unicode. Save and close.
    4. Now, add the document to SuperOffice by right-clicking the document and choose "Send to SuperOffice"

    5. This will bring up the document dialog in SuperOffice CRM, make sure you tick the "Use as mail merge draft".
      If you use this tick when you create a document from SuperOffice it will not replace the template variables when the document is created. We do not want this replacement to take place till the merge is done.
    6. Go to selection and task to perform the mail merge
    7. On the last step, choose to send via E-mail

    Note: If you do not get this option available in the "Send via" dropdown then you does not have an email address registered.