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Web applications / Misc

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    usid Current user number.
    user Current user ID.
    usec Encrypted login information for NetServer.
    uctx Database context (tenant name) for the logged in user. Used with multi tenant NetServer to distinguish between different databases used by the different tenants. Each database context can have separate configuration. (New from 7.3)
    usfn Current user first name
    usmn Current user middle name
    usln Current user last name
    usem Current users first e-mail

    New from 7.5

    lang Language name in user's language ("Norsk", "English", "Deutsch")
    lanc Language code in ISO format ("no", "en", "de")
    lanx Language code in old SuperOffice windows format ("NO", "US", "GE")
    ver# NetServer Version number ""
    vern NetServer Version full name: "SuperOffice Netserver Release 7.2 (Build"

    New from 7.5 SR1

    diid Current diary owner
    tiid Current ticket id
    csbu BaseUrl  e.g:
    csiu CgiUrlInternal  e.g:
    csbn CgiBin  e.g: /scripts
    csre RegistryExtension  e.g: .fcgi