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Document dialog or from the system

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    apid Appointment ID.
    atti Title of the contact the document will be sent to.
    attn Selected contact in the Document dialog or text that is specified in the Company field for a recipient of the document.
    date Date in long format, e.g. 10 December 2004.
    desc Description of the created document.
    df01-10 User-defined field 1-10 of the decimal number type.
    dl01-60 User-defined field 1-60 of the whole number type.
    doid Document ID (hidden, unique ID).
    dope Document, end date for publishing.
    dops Document, start date for publishing.
    ds01-49 User-defined field 1-49 of the text type.
    dsug The document's SuggestedDocument Id. 0 when appointment is not part of a sale/project guide.
    file Name of the document, without the path (e.g.SuperO-Inc.-Offer.DOC).
    head The heading for the created document.
    lang The language being used in Sales & Marketing.
    ltim Time in long format, e.g. 12:10:05.
    oref Our reference.
    pltf Which platform, win or web
    ptha SOARC path (from SuperOffice.ini).
    pthi Path to the folder where SuperOffice.ini is located.
    pthp Path to the folder where Sales & Marketing is installed.
    salu Salutation as entered, or created automatically from the contact (Mr/Ms and last name).
    sdat Date in short format, e.g. 10.12.11.
    ser# SuperOffice CRM database's serial number.
    snum Ascending serial number (different for every template).
    time Time in short format, e.g. 12:10.
    ver# Sales & Marketing's version number.
    yref Your reference.