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    pend Projects end date, formatted 02.11.2011 (systemformat).
    plea Project manager.
    pf01-10 User-defined field 1-10 of the decimal number type.
    pgui Is the project guided? Translated "Yes" or "No".
    pl01-60 User-defined field 1-60 of the whole number type.
    pmid Projects next milestone appointment Id.
    pmil Projects next milestone date, formatted 02.11.2011 (systemformat).
    pnam Project name.
    pnum Project number.
    popa Project, event date.
    pope Project, end date for publishing.
    pops Project, start date for publishing.
    prid Project ID (hidden, unique ID).
    ps01-49 User-defined field 1-49 of the text type.
    psta Project status.
    ptyp Project type.
    pwwi The project's primary web address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    pwww The project's primary web address.
    pinf The project's info text (description) *new in 7.5 sr1