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Selected Contact

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    abdt Date of birth.
    acha The contacts chat address
    achi The contacts chat address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    achp The contacts chat address protocol
    acid Contact's country code.
    acit Postal town. (See also acsz.)
    acnt County (for UK addresses).
    acsz Postal town, state/province and postcode (e.g. Bedford, MA 01730).
    act? Country (if different from the sender's country).
    actg Line feed for internal post in Germany.
    actr Country.
    adep Department. Not visible in GUI, but will be filled if there is data in the database.
    af01-10 User-defined field 1-10 of the decimal number type.
    al01-60 User-defined field 1-60 of the whole number type.
    amai The contact's primary e-mail address.
    amid The contact's primary e-mail address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    anum Number recorded for the contact.
    apad Postal address, line 1.
    apa2 Postal address, line 2.
    apa3 Postal address, line 3.
    aphi The contact's phone number, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    apho The contact's phone number.
    as01-49 User-defined field 1-49 of the text type.
    asal Title (salutation).
    asta State/province. (See also acsz.)
    atei The contact's primary e-mail address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    atem The contact's primary e-mail address. If no e-mail address is recorded for the contact, the company's e-mail address is used.
    atfa Direct fax (Attention Fax).
    atfi Direct fax, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    atfn First name.
    ati. First name (first letter followed by stop).
    atid Contact ID (hidden, unique ID).
    atin First name (first letter).
    atln Last name.
    atm? Middle name (if middle name preference is set).
    atmn Middle name.
    atmr Mr/Ms field.
    atms Mail Stop (for American addresses).
    atpc Mobile phone (Attention Phone Cellular).
    atpi Mobile phone, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    atph Home telephone (Attention Phone Home).
    atpj Home telephone, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    atpo Position.
    atpp Other phone (Was Pager before 7.0).
    atpk Other phone, ID (hidden, unique ID) (Was Pager ID before 7.0).
    atti Title.
    attl The contact's login name if he/she has login rights (Attention).
    avoa The contacts voip address
    avoi The contacts voip address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    avos The senders voip service (description)
    awwi The contact's primary web address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    awww The contact's primary web address.
    azip Postcode. (See also acsz.)