Sender (Contact card)

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    alid Sender's user ID.
    atit Sender's title.
    auac The sender's academic title
    aubd Date of birth.
    auca The senders chat address
    aucd The senders chat address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    auci Postal town. (See also aucs.)
    aucn Country.
    aucp The senders chat address protocol
    aucs Postal town, state/province and zipcode (for American, Canadian and Australian addresses, e.g. Bedford, MA 01730).
    aucy County (for UK addresses).
    audf Direct fax number.
    audp Direct phone number.
    auem E-mail.
    auid Sender's contact ID (hidden, unique ID).
    aumr Mr/Ms for sender
    aums Mail Stop (for American addresses).
    aunm Number recorded for the document's owner.
    aup1 Sender's postal address, line 1.
    aup2 Sender's postal address, line 2.
    aup3 Sender's postal address, line 3.
    aupc Mobile phone.
    auph Home telephone.
    aupo Position.
    aupp Other phone (Was Pager before 7.0) // Changed in 7.0
    aust State/province (for American, Canadian and Australian addresses). (See also aucs.)
    auth Sender's first name and last name.
    auvo The senders voip address
    auvi The senders voip address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    auvs The senders voip service (description)
    auwi The senders's primary web address, ID (hidden, unique ID).
    auww The senders's primary web address.
    auzi Postcode. (See also aucs.)
    uf01-10 User-defined field 1-10 of the decimal number type.
    ul01-60 User-defined field 1-60 of the whole number type.
    us01-49 User-defined field 1-49 of the text type.