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Adding buttons to the client

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    We can define buttons which load new pages into other web panels, or we can define buttons which start external programs.

    Buttons to load new pages into web panels

    First we define a browser panel called "echo" - this browser panel will be activated when we click the button.

    Type: URL

    Add as: Web Panel / Contact card


    Window name: echo


    Second we define a button

    Type: URL

    Add as: BUTTON


    Window name: contact.echo

    Here we choose the name of the browser panel we previously defined instead of typing in a new new name.  This is the panel where the URL will be loaded when the button is clicked.


    Admin Application dialog 

    When the button is clicked, the browser panel for echo will be displayed, but loaded with the URL defined for the button.

    The fact that the browser panel's contents have changed will cause the browser panel to be displayed automatically, giving the user the impression that clicking the button causes the browser panel to appear.


    Buttons to load web pages into new windows

    Web pages do not have to be displayed as part of the panels. You can use new browser windows to create your own dialogs.

    You need to define an application button that displays a web form in a separate browser. It’s not quite a dialog, but almost.

    The web form can get current contact name and other info filled in using template variables in the URL:


    Application dialog to Button in client

    In the admin client you choose “Add as Button”. 

    Enter the URL.

    Type a name into the Window name field.

    Choose a suitable icon.

    A button will appear in the navigator of the client the next time you log in. When you click on the button, a new browser is created and loaded with the URL you specified in the admin client.
    This window appears as a sort of dialog. If it looks like a dialog, then the user will treat it like one. Add Ok/Cancel buttons to help the user think of your browser window as a dialog.
    Web browser as dialog



    You can put applications on TASK buttons in dialogs