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Custom Web Application Panels

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    What is a Web Panel

    A web panel is a web page that is hosted inside the SOCRM client.

    The URL of the web page can contain template variables, so that what the web page displays depends on the client context.

    Whenever the URL of a web page changes, the web page will be reloaded (if it is visible).


    Lifecycle of a Web Panel

    1. User clicks on a company in search result.
    2. Web panel computes new URL based on new company
      http://server/page.asp?id= is turned into
    3. If new URL is different from current then new URL is fetched.
      The new URL request is sent to the web server.
    4. Web server receives URL
    5. Web server computes new web page using parameters in URL
    6. Web page is sent back
    7. Web panel displays page.


    Web request lifecycle 


    How to add your web service to SuperOffice 

    To add your web service to SuperOffice SIX you need to define it as an application.

    Start the Admin client (SOAdmin.exe)

    Go to List administration and add a new Web panel item. 


    Enter a short name and enter the URL and substitute the input parameters with SuperOffice template variables.


    Instead of

    use the template variable for company name (), like this

    Type the URL with no padding (no extra spaces needed). SuperOffice will URL encode the URL so all non-alphanumeric characters are replaced with a percent (%) sign followed by two hex digits and spaces encoded as plus (+) signs. You can turn this behavior on and off using the special tags and .


    A complete list of template variables is available here

    A special set of tags have been added to support netserver integration: and


    Windows name:

    The window names you define in the admin client can be used in the HTML you load into the panels. 


    You have two web panels: one called "contact.details" and another called "project.details"

    You can have a link in the contact page that displays and loads the project details web panel with a new page.

    In the contact web panel you have this HTML:

    href="list-project-info.asp?prid=123" target="project.details">Show project info


    When the user clicks the link, the target info will cause the browser to load the new page into the other browser panel.

    The fact that the other browser panel has been updated will cause the windows client to switch to the correct project browser panel.


    Visible in:

    Here you choose the display location:

    • Panel - like company card, project card, webpanel...
    • Minicard - like company mini card, diary mini card..
    • Dialog - like dialog for follow-ups, document dialog...
    • Task - like task tab in Selection, Toolbar
    • Menu - like Toolbox menu or View menu
    • Other - Navigator button



    Determines whether to show the various extra buttons along with the browser.

    • Menu bar
    • Toolbar
    • Addressbar
    • Statusbar



    Description is shown as tool tips when the user for example holds the mouse over a hypertext on the WWW tab in Company or Project card, or on the Company or Project archive tab. 


    When the user restarts SuperOffice there will be a new Tab available on the company card, called “WWW”.

    It is possible to rename the “WWW” tab in the Admin client under Options – Labels.

    Note: You may also choose to show your webpanels or other applications on the TASK menu on Selection, sale, document, follow-ups, contact or in the navgator toolbar