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Customizing Login screen and icons

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    To make SuperOffice use custom bitmaps for the login and progress screens, do the following:

    Create a folder named images in the SuperOffice CRM client folder, e.g. C:\Program Files(x86)\SuperOffice\SuperOffice 7 Windows\IMAGES

    Filename Description
    LoginCRM.bmp Login to SOCRM
    LoginCRMProgress.bmp Progress bar on SOCRM
    LoginAdmin.bmp Login to SOADMIN
    LoginAdminProgress.bmp Progress bar on SOADMIN
    HintCRM.bmp Bitmap shown in startup hint dialog
    AboutCRM.bmp About SOCRM dialog background
    AboutAdmin.bmp About SOADMIN dialog background
    NavigatorIcon.bmp Owl Button above navigator.
    AppIconCRM.ico Taskbar icon for SOCRM
    AppIconAdmin.ico Taskbar icon for SOADMIN
    <EXEFILENAME>-Splash.fileextention Splashscreen for our exefiles, like SOCRM.exe, SOADMIN.exe. Example: SOCRM-Splash.jpg