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    Controlling the User Interface Without Scripting

    Gives you the possibility to send a link to another user that will open a specific panel with the information you want. With this protocol you may send a link/url to e.g. a specific appointment on a specific company to another user. You can also use the SO Protocol in your own scripts to avoid instanciating the SOApplication object.

    The url is built up like this: superoffice:where.where...?what=id&what=id&...

    To change to contact with contact_id=2, you use this url: superoffice:contact.main?contact_id=2

    Works for the main panels:

      • Contact
      • Project
      • Selection
      • Diary
      • Mail

    And dialogs:

      • Person
      • Sale
      • Appointment
      • Document
      • Invitations


    Contact sub-modes:

      • Main
      • Udef
      • Interest
      • WWW
      • Info
      • PersonArchive
      • RelationArchive
      • ProjectArchive
      • ActivityArchive

    Project sub-modes:

      • Main
      • Udef
      • WWW
      • Info
      • MemberArchive
      • ActivityArchive

    Selection sub-modes:

      • Main
      • Task

    Diary sub-modes:

      • Day
      • Week
      • Month
      • ReferenceView

    Person sub-modes:

      • Main
      • Udef
      • Interest
      • Info

    Force Application window to top

      • Activate

    Force refresh of all caches, or reload of some caches

      • Refresh
      • Reload
      • Flush


    The Window name from SOAdmin / Lists / Application dialog may also be used in an URL to open the webpanel.


    You may use the primary keys to specify what to open through the query string:

    • contact_id
    • person_id
    • project_id
    • selection_id
    • appointment_id
    • document_id
    • sale_id


    To refresh the client (Shift+F5 or just F5)

    • flush
    • refresh


    To prevent a link from leading people astray when used against a different database, the serial number of the database id can be used in the URL

    • db_id


    You can use the COPY SHORTCUT task in most dialogs or from the main window Task Center button to get a SOProtocol link that reflects the current state of the application.



    Show the contact with contact id 10:


    This example switches to a specific company card, sets the active archive to the activity archive and opens an appointment:


    If you have added a web contact panel with the window name "erpinfo" , it can be referenced like this:


    If the same web panel is not located on the main card, but in the archive, the SOProtocol looks like


    If refresh the client



    To make a link that forces the SuperOffice window to the front of the screen, add Activate to the end of the modes: