Activate travel

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    Before you can start using the Travel function, the database must be enabled for Travel use. Do as follows:

    1 Open the Replication screen in the Maintenance Client.
    2 Check Travel and satellite configurations are possible (transaction logging is active). 
    Note Do not uncheck this option if anyone is currently using Travel. If you do, Travel users will not be able to update the central database. Active Travel users are shown in the list in the middle of the Replication screen.
    3 Under Local DB Type select the type of database to use locally: either Built-in database or Sybase Anywhere or MS SQL Server Express.
    4 Click OK. The database is now enabled for Travel use.
    5 You must restart the Maintenance client before you proceed.

    User Rights

    To enable associates to use SuperOffice Travel, you must specify Travel rights for them. Do as follows:

    1 Open the Users screen in the Maintenance Client, which is run from SOADMIN.EXE.
    2 Select the required company in the Company list box. This contains your organisation (defined as a database owner) and any other organisations that have login rights for the SuperOffice database, such as subsidiaries.
    3 Select the required user in the list in the middle of the screen.


    Check Allow travel to enable this person to use the SuperOffice Travel functions.
    5 Click OK to save your changes.


    Before users are able to go on travel you need to create an update prototype, either from the maintenance client or by setting up the travel gateway.